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MK Convent School is a premium Co-Ed English Medium School. which is an autonomous, charitable, non-profit , education institution established. MK Convent School is a pioneer in the field of educational measurement,aptitude testing and psychological & educational research.

MK Convent School aims to provide a nurturing, learning environment to enable students to become responsible citizens, life-long learners, and good communicators through a challenging curriculum. The well researched, project based National learning methodology of the school is designed to prepare students to excel in the world''s finest colleges and universities.The Ram Lakhan Public School aims to provide a learning environment where students are challenged to reach their individual potential by the acquisition of knowledge and the development of personal, cultural and democratic values essential for future success.

MK Convent School believes that classroom learning is not sufficient to make a child excel in life; therefore it aims to provide students with learning beyond academics, by developing talents through an emphasis extra curricular activities and life skills. The Teachers are the heart of the academic program and Ram Lakhan Public School is committed to have motivated and trained teachers. The school also aims to emphasize the importance of collaboration between parents and the school so that all parents are actively involved in their children''s education.

MK Convent School School is located at the Sukkhipur, Shakarmandi, Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh. Our school has spacious well ventilated classrooms . There are also spacial activity rooms for enrichment activities both educational and recreation like a media room ,smart classes ,music room,dance and performing arts room , art and craft room etc. The School is also equipped with well stocked libraries in the city  , a state of the art computer lab with broadband internet access on all computers and wi-fi enable campus.